Barcode scanner AQUILA A-8050

AQUILA A-8050 is small in size but is a high-performance counter scanner designed to solve the bottleneck of computing system by the traditional counter scanner. The AQUILA A-8050’s superior performance, reliability, and durability which mean increase overall performance and values of the system in retail/POS computing and enterprise system solutions. It can deliver higher scan performance than any other counter scanner on the market. With an unequaled 1350 scans per second and a unique scan pattern of 20 scans lines. The AQUILA is the choice of every retailer who wants to optimize counter environment with a winning scanner performance and a great design!

  • Provides aggressive scanning in 20 omnidirectional scanning lines with superior scanning performance to hand presented barcodes.
  • An adjustable scan head enables users to tilt the scanner 45° for targeted scanning of products.
  • Reading all common 1D barcodes, incl. GS1 DataBar, regardless of its orientation Scantech ID STAR reconstruction software for a reading of fragmented and damaged barcodes.
  • IP42 sealing protection.
  • With its auto-sense function can save power and improve lifespan time.
  • A built-in RF EAS antenna increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating RF EAS tags and decoding barcodes.

Downloads – here

Adaptor-5V(Small, Length=2.5m) 

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