Barcode scanner SG600

SG600 is a brand new general purpose gun-type linear imager barcode scanner which is designed especially for retail, logistics, and warehousing management market. We include friendly functions with replaceable multiple interface cable options. It is more easily to be operated by the customers and user environment. SG600 has modern design and offers superior decoding performance.offers superior decoding performance. Its reading speed up to 500 scans per second and up to 500mm reading depth for the majority of 1D barcodes and GS1 DataBar™ codes. A stand option is hand-free reading options. With its built-in presentation mode, which can turn off and wake up automatically, can extend the lifespan of the scanner. In short, SG600 provides the customer with the most cost-effective solution in the market. It is perfectly suitable and definitely the best choice for any retail and logistics environment.

  • Support major 1D codes, GS1 Databar linear and stacked Codes.
  • Automatic detect reading mode.
  • Reading distance up to 50cm (20mil/0.5mm@code39 pcs90%).
  • Smart detection, reading speed up to 500 scans per second.
  • supports IP42 sealing protection.
  • 3 in 1 Combo interface that changes interface by replacing the cable.
Ambient light Up to 10,000 Lux Max
Dimension(WxDxH) 168 x 65 x 54.9mm
Light Source 632±5nm Red LED
Depth of Field Contact to 300mm@20mil/0.5mm, PCS90%, Code39
Resolution 4mil/0.1mm
Scan Rate 100 scans±10%
Indicators Beeper
Drop Resistance 1.5m
Print Contrast Ratio 45%
Width of Field 90mm (40mm at window)
Electrical Characteristics
Interface RS232, USB(HID,Virtual COM),KBW
Power DC 5V

Downloads – here

Adaptor-5V(180 degree)



Cable-CHK-RS232(Chip, Beige)

Cable-CHK-RS232(Chip, Black)



Stand-SG/LG/IG3xx Series(Holder, Beige)

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