Fingerprint Scanner Biometrika FxQuicky

FxQuicky is a smart scanner capable of processing and recognizing fingerprints on board (Match-on-Board). FxQuicky is the ideal solution to replace old identification system based on badge, barcode, smart card and RFID with a more reliable fingerprint technology. The PC connected to the scanner is not involved in the processing of biometric data: images and templates of the users are not transferred to the PC, thus increasing the easy to use. FxQuicky doesn’t require an SDK, but can be used thanks to a simple protocol called ICP (Integrator Control Protocol). This protocol is based on a set of commands exchanged over a virtual COM. This protocol is very fast to integrate and cut down integration time in software development.


  • optical fingerprint sensor
  • Core ARM9 (200 MHz) + 16 MB RAM
    Identity verification in less than 1 sec
  • USB 2.0 интерфейс, Virtual COM Port, ICP протокол
  • Optical, high resolution: 500 и 569 DPI
  • Image format is 8 bit 256 grayscale
  • Sensing area: 17.8 x 25 mm (H * V)
  • Size: 75 х 65 х 125 mm
  • Automatic finger detection
  • Базов вариант: 4 MB вътрешна памет (1500 отпечатъка), максимална 32MB (10000 отпечатъка)
  • Supported OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Linux
  • TWAIN support for image acquisition (for
    Windows system only)
  • Fx2000 compliant