Fingerprint scanner Startek SFC360U Capacitive

SFC360U uses a new generation of a ultra-thin capacitive fingerprint sensor to meet the rigorous requirement on fingerprint image quality, a large capture area, and superior reliability. A steel coating allows positioning fingerprint well and recognizing the fingerprint accurately and rapidly. SFC360U is perfect for mobile, tablet, notebook or desktop users, as well as multiple users in shared environments. Its compact design conserves desk space in bank, enterprises, and its professional, modern appearance looks elegant in identity control systems, digital signature, data encryption environments. Android and Windows software development kits are also available. Whether you are an enterprise customer or a system integrator, Startek’s fingerprint identity verification solutions provide a natural extension to your security system and applications.


  • Capacitive sensor
  • Micro USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device
  • Optical, high resolution: 256×360 pixel, 508 DPI
  • Image format is 8 bit 256 grayscale
  • Image ratio of length to width 1 : 1
  • Dimension, 71 x 28 x 9.2 mm
  • Weight, 145 g
  • Operation temperature: -10 до +55 C
  • Power supply voltage: DC 5.V, 50 mA чрез USB порт
  • Работна температура: 0 до 50 C
  • Humidity до 90% RH
  • ESD 15KV
  • Certification: ISO19794-2,ISO19794-4,ANSI-378,CE/FCC



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