TA200 Plus

FingerTec TA200 Plus is an astounding hi-tech fingerprint time attendance device with an impressive design. Geared with an exceptional storage capacity and equipped with an accurate fingerprint scanning algorithm, TA200 Plus gives you amazing and convenient features such as work codes and short message display for either personal or public recipients for effective staff communication. The terminal also comes conveniently with multiple options for you to sync your devices to the bundled software, FingerTec TCMS V3 for further processing of attendance data to ease report generating and payroll processes.

The set includes:
Back Plate, A Packet of Bolt, TCP- RS485 Cable, DC 12V Power Adapter, RFID Card (5pcs)


TCMS V3 is a powerful time and attendance designed based on FingerTec’s years of experience in the industry. Loaded with all features of its predecessor TCMS V2, TCMS V3 offers more amazing features on MS Access and MySQL platforms.
MS Access is intended for a simpler data management and straight forward installations while MySQL is designed for a much larger database management.
TCMS V3 centralizes, stores and manages all time attendance database extracted from FingerTec Time Attendance biometrics and card terminals, and generates various useful attendance related reports and integrates with various third-party software.